Your post resonates deeply with me. I went to a Good News Club in my neighborhood where they would tell us Bible stories. If you memorized the verses they gave as homework you would get an extra cookie the next week. They offered a bus on Sundays to go to their non denominational Christian church so I went. There was something about being there that made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up. As an adult I recognize that as my hypocrisy meter. I was between 8-9 at the time. They told us that churches that prayed to statues were wrong because they were not praying to Jesus. Hmmm. Then when they were talking about sending missionaries out into the world to teach everyone about Jesus I raised my hand and asked what would happen to those children in China who didn’t believe in Jesus when they died. They told me they would not go to Heaven. I told them that my Jesus would not do that. I never went back.

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